Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Meeting 2 Notes--August 5, 2007

Here is a brief overview of the notes from our last regular meeting on August 5th.

- We discussed our progress so far as an organization, including the encouraging meetings that we've had and continue to have with others in Aberdeen.

- We brainstormed a list of values that represent the community/mission. They are: family, community, respect, wisdom, justice, equality, inclusive, accessible, tolerance, diversity, unity, creativity, collaboration, forward, progressive, optimistic, proactive, earth-conscious/enviro-friendly, holistic, authentic, patience, kindness, learning, intentional, fun, non-condescending, selfless, relationship, self-aware, realistic, supportive, and a few others.

- We discussed different projects and programs that we could do to build creative community such as: a co-op university, art across generations, 48-hour projects of different sorts, potlucks, Open Canvas (like Open Mic), free bike project, Public Transit (bio bus), community needs assessment, field trips to art events, art projects designed to enhance students specific abilities, projects that allow people to experience others' abilities AND limitations, creating new games together, etc.

- We also used our imaginations to dream big to think of the possibilities of things we could do...on a bit larger scale. Some ideas were: Fallout Performing Arts Center and Gallery (centralized location for some events/programs), trips to other countries to share and learn culture and creative experiences, art parties in nursing homes, compilation dvd of local musicians/filmmakers/artists of mixed abilities, sculpture garden, Guerilla art experiences, May Day art, living statues, various Co-ops (art supplies, bikes, bakery/restaurant), interactive creative experiences at downtown/city events (Gypsy Days, Pigout, etc.), identical items to be painted and displayed all over town, concerts/plays/performances and trips to such events, End of the Year annual Art Fest, an instrument library, etc.

There were so many great ideas thrown out at the meeting, and it's so exciting to think of all the possibilities. Thank you for dreaming big, and sharing your great ideas.

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